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Dont Tell Us, Show Us

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Don't Tell Us, Show Us

Let food be your medicine

In Nutrition on February 20, 2014 at 5:37 pm

Your body is designed to prevent and fight disease, maintain health and cellular normalcy. It is even adaptable when you don’t take care of your body or do harmful things to it. When you smoke cigarettes or eat unhealthy food you don’t get a disease the very next day.  Your body adapts, but over time the cellular damage accumulates and chronic disease sets in. The good news is that many chronic disease can be prevented and even reversed when you implement lifestyle and make food choices that fuel your body’s natural mechanisms for health. Let food by your medicine!


TAHINI – What is it?

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Clients often ask me about tahini. This ingredient is very popular in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, but is quickly gaining popularity due to its flavor and health benefits. Tahini is ground sesame seeds or could be called sesame seed butter. It has a unique flavor and creamy texture that can have a slight (stress slight) similarity in flavor to peanut butter. Tahini is most readily available from toasted or roasted sesame seeds, however you can find raw tahini for a higher price tag.

tahini_16x9HOW TO USE:

  • as a spread
  • to make hummus or baba ganoush
  • in your smoothies for awhile food fat source & flavor
  • whisk with vinegars & juices to make sauces & salad dressings
  • mix into morning oatmeal
  • add to stews for creaminess


1 Tablespoon = 86 calories  (71% fat / 18.7% carbohydrate / 10.3% protein
ANDI Score = 60
* Tahini is both nutrient dense & calorically dense, so eat it in smaller amounts to complement vegetables and other foods.

Tahini is a good whole foods source of health essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). They are called essential because our bodies don’t produce them and it is essential that we get them from our food. Tahini is also rich in phytosterols, helping to lower bad cholesterol levels and prevent high blood pressure.

Tahini is available in most asian, indian, or middle eastern grocery stores, health food stores, and sometimes you standard american grocery store as well.  Once opened you should keep closed air-tight and refrigerated.